Electronic cigarettes, the effects of tightening: sales down 30-40%

Three months have passed since the Constitutional Court’s ruling that imposed the payment of the additional tax on electronic cigarettes, equating liquids for vaping tobacco and traditional cigarettes, and the repercussions on the sector are heavy, so as to jeopardize the very existence of different retailers. ” There has been a substantial drop in sales of liquids. Some of our dealers complain a minus 50%, but on average we can talk about a decline between 30 and 40% ” , explains Antonella Panuzzo president of the UniEcig, the association that brings together the specialized shops, which adds:” Of this step, so many among the 3 thousand sales outlets, which give many people a living, risk closing down ”.

Carpet checks between distributors
The difficulty of the sector does not only concern retailers but also producers and distributors who, as confirmed by Stefano Caliciuri, director of Sigmagazine, are in these weeks overwhelmed by tax visits. “The Customs and Monopolies Agency is sending checks on tax deposits, asking for the full amount, without installments, of previous taxes,but the companies had not paid because it was all pending pending the Court’s ruling. There is talk of a request for millions of euros “. After the Court’s ruling, in fact, producers and distributors found themselves in the situation of having to repay the unpaid taxation starting in 2014. “It must be made clear,” says Panuzzo, “that the protests in the sector do not concern the normal tax amounts, such as VAT, which we have always paid, but the request for additional taxation like cigarettes.

“The new government takes away the unjust tax”
The vape, has been shown by several studies, does not hurt like cigarettes, and it is not right to associate it with them from the fiscal point of view “. An association that, according to the president of UniEcig, is creating a damage to the image of the sector, pushing away the buyers who return to be suspicious of electronic cigarettes. “We hope that with the new government we will change something. Our request is simple: at least we remove the extra taxation on liquids without nicotine and establish a fairer one for those that contain it ”explains Panuzzo, who announces a protest in front of the AAMS headquarters on Thursday 22 February. At the moment, for both products, the amount due to taxation is around 5 euros on a 10 ml bottle. Practically the final price is doubled.

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