Popular E-Juices for Vaping

How To Choose The Best E-Juices for Vaping

A lot of people spend more time looking for the best e-juice than for the best e-cigarette. The reason for this the fact that there are more choices for e-juice than there are for e-cigarettes. If you are looking for the best e-juice, you need to consider some factors such as what you want from the liquid.

Where To Start

When you first look at e-juice, you need to consider the liquids that are offered by the manufacturer of the e-cigarette. You may also want to start with tobacco tasting liquids while you become used to the device. Once you are used to the device, you can start looking at different flavours and you will better understand what you want from the liquid.

Do You Need More Vapour?

There are many people who love having a lot of vapour when they use an e-cigarette. If you are one of these people, then the best e-juices will be the ones that provide a large amount of vapour. The liquids that offer greater amounts of vapour will have more vegetable glycerin in them because this is what helps produce the vapour.

However, you need to consider that higher levels of VG in your liquid will lower the taste and sweetness of the vapour. If you do not want to compromise on the taste, you need to look for a liquid with higher percentages of PG or propylene glycol. These juices will have lower VG which will mean that you have better taste, but less vapour and you need to consider this.

The Nicotine Levels

Nicotine is present in a lot of e-juices, but there are some that are nicotine free. The nicotine levels in the juice need to be considered when you look for the best one. If you are looking to stop smoking then you should start with a liquid that has high nicotine levels to avoid severe nicotine withdrawal. You can then lower the amount of nicotine in the liquid until you do not feel the withdrawal at all.

If you are not looking to get any nicotine from the liquid, then you should choose a juice that is nicotine free. It is very important that you check the label of the juice to ensure that there is no nicotine present.

Choose A High-Quality Vendor

The best e-juices will come from high-quality vendors and you need to remember this. Smaller vendors will often buy their branded e-juice from wholesalers and simply put their logo on it. This could lead to lower quality liquids and you need to consider this. Big brands that make their own devices and liquids are recommended because they will provide the best liquids.

The Flavor You Want

The last point you should look at in the best e-juice is the flavour. There are many different flavours available, but not all of them will be what you want. Some of the sweeter flavours could leave an aftertaste that you do not like. The only way to determine this will be to try the juice or to look at reviews.